Beauty Blend Description

This blend improves skin elasticity and texture, reduces fine lines, and increases collagen levels.

Electrolytes 1 Liter, Zinc 10mg, B-Complex 3ml, Magnesium 600mg, Vitamin C 2500mg, Glutathione 1000mg NAD+ Drip Our NAD drips are administered in a 1liter bag of IV fluids. Nurse Jess will safely monitor you over the duration of your infusion (infusion times vary). NAD+ is utilized in multiple cellular processes, especially with energy and ATP production. It can help with mental clarity, brain fog, boost energy, reduce fatigue, help with Athletic recovery, drug and alcohol recovery, and promote healthy aging.

$200/ 1 hour

Cancellation Policy

Rescheduling must be done 24hrs in advance. A $50 cancellation fee will apply if you cancel within 24 hours